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Ques: Since how long have you been shooting weddings?

Ans: We have an experience of over 25 years in wedding photography and videography.

Ques: Where are you based out of? Are you willing to travel places for photo shoots?

Ans: We are based out of Delhi and provide services all across Delhi NCR. Yes, we are open to traveling for out station projects provided the travel and stay arrangements are made for us and the team visiting.

Ques: Are there any additional charges for projects outside your city?

Ans: Yes. There would be additional travel and stay charges applicable for all out station projects. We recommend our client’s to make the arrangements in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Ques: Do you do pre-wedding photoshoots?

Ans: Yes, we can customize a special package consisting of pre-wedding photography, pre-wedding film and a save the date card or film, as per the client’s need.

Ques: Do you specialize in candid wedding photography?

Ans: With over 25 years of experience in wedding photography, we capture all forms of moments, with candid being our favorite. There is nothing more beautiful than capturing the real moments and reactions.

Ques: Can your photography packages be customized as per our requirements and budget?

Ans: Yes, all our photography packages are fully customizable. You can post a query or reach out to our team. Based on your preferences, we will design a package that suits your budget and requirements the best.

Ques: Is there a limit to the number of pictures you click at an event?

Ans: No. We click as many pictures as many as we can. This helps us ensure we do not miss out on the best moments of the occasion or the event.

Ques: How do you share the images of the event with us?

Ans: We will share all the raw images with you in a DVD in jpeg format. The image size is large and can be used later for printing or morphing purposes. Only the images that are printed in an album will be digitally edited.

Ques: By when do you usually give the images?

Ans: Typically, we are able to share the images within 5 working days after the event has taken place.

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